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A Space Environment Management (SEM) Framework

By: Charity Weeden
Posted December 14th, 2021 Posted in Blog

The problem of space debris and the active management of the space environment is incredibly complex. Currently, there is little in the way of legal and economic structure beyond guiding principles to support expanding commercial space activities.

We shouldn’t continue to simply admire the problem as orbital safety reaches a critical juncture with a new commercial era unfolding. The potential for a robust space economy capable of sustained growth is dependent on a step by step approach to actively manage the space environment itself.

So, let’s break Space Environment Management down to its bare components and make real progress today and into the near term. SEM was first conceptualized by Dr. Darren McKnight and Tim Maclay in 2019. Below is our take of an achievable Space Environment Management framework. We encourage you to reach out to Astroscale U.S. to learn more about how our collective efforts within this framework can re-route us from the status quo towards a more sustainable path.

Download our SEM infographic previewed below

SEM Infographic v4 01SEM Infographic v4 02