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  • Astroscale U.S., headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is leading Astroscale’s life-extension services. Astroscale is the only company solely dedicated to space sustainability service across all orbits: Satellite life extension | Active debris removal | Satellite end-of-life preparation | In-situ SSA

  • Address : Astroscale U.S. Inc. 1401 Lawrence Street, Ste. 1600 Denver, CO 80202

  • Office : +1 833-556-3126

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Why work at Astroscale U.S.?

Astroscale U.S. Inc. is pioneering the future of on-orbit services and logistics across all orbits for commercial operators, the U.S. government and partner governments around the world.

We are headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and are a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Astroscale Holdings Inc., the first private company with a vision to secure the safe and sustainable development of space for the benefit of future generations, and the only company solely dedicated to on-orbit services across all orbits. Astroscale Israel Ltd., based in Tel Aviv, is a subsidiary of and serves as the research and payload development team for Astroscale U.S.

We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic people to join our dynamic and growing team — take a look at our current vacancies and get in touch!


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