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Astroscale U.S. Statement on the National In-Space Assembly and Manufacturing Strategy

By: Astroscale U.S.
Posted April 5th, 2022 Posted in News & Press Releases

Astroscale U.S. applauds the release of the National In-Space Assembly and Manufacturing Strategy.

This strategy is a first of its kind; a demand signal that paves the way for a robust and supportive ISAM ecosystem. It displays U.S. leadership, thinking through and establishing goals to overcome key challenges for the ISAM community.

It addresses several items that Astroscale U.S. has championed:

    • Procurement of commercial ISAM services throughout USG space architecture
    • Increasing technology readiness to both ground and space-based demonstrations
    • Addressing financial incentives and other economic analysis towards ISAM
    • Increasing opportunities for small and medium-sized ISAM enterprises
    • A statement of commitment towards debris removal
    • Promoting international collaboration towards ISAM activities

As a member of CONFERS, we are committed to working with industry, academia, and government stakeholders towards standards and best practices for key ISAM activities and are therefore looking forward to contributing to the alliance of ISAM Capability Stakeholders. We are excited for the next steps to translate this strategy into action through implementation plans and resources commitment.