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CisLunar Industries, Astroscale U.S. and Colorado State University Awarded $1.7M Contract by the U.S. Space Force

By: Astroscale U.S.
Posted February 22nd, 2023 Posted in News & Press Releases

Denver, CO, February 22, 2023 – CisLunar Industries, with partners Astroscale U.S., Colorado State University and another to be named, has been awarded a Direct-to-Phase II SBIR contract by SpaceWERX, the innovation arm of the U.S. Space Force (USSF). Led by Cislunar Industries, this newly funded collaboration project—a circular propulsion ecosystem based on the ability to recycle metal in space to enable enhanced satellite mobility—directly addresses the Space Force’s desire to make space operations more resilient.

“This contract demonstrates a commitment to building a foundation for long-term success in space by addressing one of the most limiting factors for space platforms: the quantity of propellant on board needed for orbital maneuvering,” said Gary Calnan of CisLunar Industries. “This award also helps address another challenge: the ever-increasing amount of space debris, which presents risks of collision and damage to active space platforms.”

These Direct-to-Phase II SBIR awards come through Orbital Prime, a SpaceWERX Prime line of business that is part of a larger effort to create partnerships with companies working in the nascent space industry. Orbital Prime’s focus is on accelerating capabilities related to In-Space Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (ISAM).

“Under the leadership of the U.S. Space Force and SpaceWERX, we’re shifting from a paradigm of launching new assets and abandoning the old toward a more sustainable and flexible approach,” said Ron Lopez, President and Managing Director of Astroscale U.S. “Recycling debris into fuel and improving on-orbit servicing capabilities will make space a safer, more secure environment by offering end users services that improve resilience and enhance operational effectiveness.”

The consortium of Colorado-based organizations will work together to move the project from concept to execution, including developing the propellant rods and delivery systems, and generating market demand.

“All too often, focusing on sustainability means giving something up or doing more with less,” says Dr. John Williams, Professor and Director of the Center for Electric Propulsion and Plasma Engineering at CSU. “The exciting part of this project is that it addresses major challenges in an efficient and elegant way—and Colorado is the epicenter. Converting space debris to propulsion fuel rods is like using your compost pile to fuel your car. This is one of those opportunities where doing the smart thing and doing the right thing are the same.”

Envisioned Propulsion Ecosystem
The Envisioned Propulsion Ecosystem


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